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We love a bit of extra sauce on our pies, so we made sure to add some to our portfolio too.


To show how the sight of Kryptonite is enough to deter thieves, we'll place locks made of cake in areas notorious for bike theft. Our experiment will be filmed for 24 hours and posted on socials.



Tourists inappropriately gawk at workers in Amsterdam's red light district.

Idea: Not a Piece of Meat

During Veganuary, BK open their very own window in the red light district flipping plant-based burgers.

BK donate a portion of profits to the Amsterdam Centre for Sex Workers, an organisation destigmatising and improving the health of sex workers.


We’ve all heard the click, click, clicking of stolen Lime Bikes... To discourage young people from stealing them, when under 18s Shazam the clicking sound, they receive discounts for bikes and road safety lessons from Halfords.



The cocoa bean likely is likely be extinct by 2050.



Tony's use the threat of cocoa's impending annihilation to get consumers to swtich to sustainable chocolate brands. 

To warn citizens of the imminent a-choco-lypse, on world chocolate day, Tony’s release a limited edition product, choco-last.  

Tony’s pop-up bunkers will appear in supermarkets across the country so you can grab a can, take shelter and prepare for the end. 



Tony's retaliate to global warming related posts...

Pushing it further...

The end of  chocolate is something we all need to prepare for.


#Prepper has 1.6 billion views on TikTok. We’ll send prepper influencers a can of the good stuff to try (they probably won’t open it just yet though).

We curated a stunt for our student portfolio day, reverse-raiding agency's fridges with SCA's fresh talent.

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