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TRUTH: Football kits aren't made for fans. They're too expensive and are designed to replicate sophisticated tech for athletes.

PROPOSITION: Umbro Fan Technology, designed for watching football not playing it.

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In the Stands Collection

Down the Boozer Collection

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Umbro show they really understand fans by releasing a new range of gear, fitted with "Fan Technology".

To kick things off, Umbro sponsor James Milner in anticipation of his retirement, training him up to become the world's best football fan.

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Umbro rile fans up with a fashion show that doubles as a 5-a-side match.

The squads (models) will be famous ex players, attracting quite the crowd.

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Stationed outside, we'll have pop up kit shops so fans can cop the range pre-release.

Last season, at an average Premier League game, the ball was in play for less than 56% of the match. During VAR moments, Umbro offer discounts exclusively from their app, so fans can fill the time with a cheeky browse and bargain. The longer the stoppage time, the higher the discounts.

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